IIHS Side Impact Barrier

In conjunction with the American Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), Cellbond developed a moving deformable barrier for side impact in 2000-2001 based on the FMVSS 214 barrier, which is used for the assessment of motor vehicle protection in side impact collisions by car manufacturers and test laboratories worldwide. More recently, Cellbond have supported the IIHS with their Side Impact Research Update project; redesigning the side impact barrier to reflect the increasing prevalence of SUVs and Pickups in use on roads.

The IIHS Side Impact Barrier, developed back in 2000-2001 (last reviewed October 2007) is available from Cellbond; this barrier was upgraded based on the FMVSS 214 barrier, which resembled the height and front-end shape of a typical SUV or Pickup at the time. With more than a decade of changes in vehicle designs, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety plans to alter its side-impact crash test. Cellbond have been following the development and evolution of this barrier and have been offering the different versions.

IIHS Side Impact Barrier 1.0 and the updated IIHS Side Impact Barrier 2.0 are both available to order.