Setting the Standard for
Automotive Passive Safety Testing Worldwide

Cellbond is a leading supplier of vehicle crash safety test equipment. For almost 35 years, we have designed and manufactured crash test barriers. More recently, products like trolleys and ATDs/dummies have been added to the portfolio. These Cellbond solutions enable customers to measure the protective performance of vehicles and their restraint systems for occupants and pedestrians during severe impact events. For all products, detailed Finite Element models are offered through partners.

  • THOR-5F


    We have now added the most sophisticated female Anthropomorphic Test Device (ATD), THOR-5F, to our product range. THOR-5F, which accurately represents a 5th percentile female vehicle occupant, was developed by NHTSA to enhance female safety by increasing biofidelity and dynamic response in testing. Cellbond’s THOR-5F is available with multiple DAS… /

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