Test Equipment

ATDs and impactors are measurement devices used to assess the protective capacity of vehicles and restraints during impact events. These devices need regular certification to ensure agreement with design specifications, repeatability, and reproducibility requirements. The certification procedures, also called qualification procedures, are often simplified versions of biofidelity test conditions used in the original specifications. For each ATD and impactor full body and/or component tests are defined. The frequency of certification testing may differ between applications and users are referred to compliance and consumer information test programs for information on this.

Cellbond offers stands and fixtures for all impactors and dummies that we manufacture. For test fixtures like probes and headforms customised solutions are offered ensuring that the equipment can operate within existing laboratories at end customers.

Cellbond is also involved in research into new advanced qualification methods, where ATDs and components are loaded more closely to the conditions in actual crash tests. Examples include dynamic fixtures for the Q dummy abdomens and torsion jigs for Q dummy rubber components.