IIHS Side Impact Barrier 2.0

IIHS is now upgrading their side impact test protocol to include an updated deformable barrier – version 2.0 and a test setup that continues to reflect changes in vehicle types and accidents. Cellbond and IIHS have been working together for the IIHS Side Impact Barrier 2.0, now redesigned to better represent the front-end shape of certain types of vehicles, SUVs and Pick-ups at present and is being introduced in order to make the barrier to vehicle tests more representative of real-life vehicle impacts. Cellbond are supporting IIHS with their Side Impact Research Update Project, and development at IIHS is on-going ahead of the planned introduction in 2022.

IIHS Side Impact Barrier 1.0 and the updated IIHS Side Impact Barrier 2.0 are both available to order.