AEMDB Side Impact Barrier

The AE-MDB barrier was developed in response to the ever-increasing size and stiffness of cars. The original prototype was made by Cellbond in 2001, and it was first presented in 2003, at the International Enhanced Safety of Vehicles (ESV) conference.

The purpose of this upgrade in the test setup was to make side impact testing more representative of real-life vehicle behaviour under crash conditions.

The AE-MDB has been adopted by Euro NCAP and replaced the Advanced-2000 in 2015, alongside the WordSID-50M ATD. This barrier uses the same manufacturing principles as its precursor, the Advanced-2000. Various crush forces, progressively changing throughout the barrier, characterise each single block. This is achieved by a special manufacturing process of differential etching of the honeycomb, pioneered by Cellbond in 1994.