The development of the WorldSID-50M percentile male dummy was initiated in 1997 as part of a drive by ISO to establish harmonised side impact regulations. The development is overseen by an international group of experts, gathered in the WorldSID Task Group, working under the auspices of the ISO/TC22/SC12/WG5 on anthropomorphic test devices.

The WorldSID is designed to meet the anthropometry of a mid-size male and has integrated on-board DAS, most of the modules installed in the rigid spine.

Cellbond and Kistler jointly developed and offer this advanced side impact dummy. Various sensor options are available including 2-D / 3-D KIRTRACCs and RibEyeTM for the chest deflections. For an on-board data acquisition system, DTS and Kistler DTI are currently offered.

Euro NCAP TB 029 approval pending but on our scope for 2024.

Overall DimensionsTotal WeightFootprint/Work AreaSeated Height
1100.0 x 484.3 x 1120.8 mm169.1 lb1100.0 x 484.3 mm877.4 mm
43.3 x 19.1 x 44.1 in76.7 kg43.3 x 19.1 in34.5 in


Head AxyzThorax ω’xyzThorax ΘxyLower Neck Fxyz, MxyzMid Femur L/R Fxyz, MxyzKnee L/R Angle Θy
Thorax Upper AxyzPelvis ω’xyzPelvis ΘxyShoulder L/R FxyzFemoral Neck L/R Fxyz
Thorax Lower AxyzElbow MxyKnee L/R contact Fy
Thorax each rib (6x) AyLumbar Fxyz, MxyzUpper Tibia Fxyz, Mxy
Pelvis AxyzSacroiliac Fxyz, MxyzLower Tibia Fxyz, Mxy