Test Equipment

Cellbond has developed a range of test equipment for the certification of ATDs which is available to purchase. Cellbond can also carry out certification using our extensive test facilities, which includes:

Dynamic Test Jig

Cellbond’s Dynamic Test Jig is used for performing the pendulum and inverse validation tests for certification of the Flex-PLI, in accordance with the required regulations. The jig is available for purchase.

Q-Series Abdomen Compression Jig

Cellbond’s Q-Series Abdomen Compression Certification Jig is used to certify all of the Q-Series abdomens with interchangeable abdomen blocks and weights for ease of use. The jig is available for purchase

Bone Calibration

Flex-PLI bones are certified using specially designed equipment on the Instron machine. This equipment is available to purchase.

Head Drop Table

The Head Drop Table is used for certifying the FreeMotion, Q-Series and Impactor Headforms with different cradles for holding the heads at the correct height in accordance with the relevant regulation. The Head Drop Table and the cradles for the Headforms are available for purchase.

Q-Series Impactors

Cellbond’s Q-Series Impactors are designed for use on a pendulum for certification of the full range of Q-Series Dummies. The impactors have a speed vane for use with a Laser Speed Measurement Device. Both the Impactors and the Laser Speed Measurement Devices are available for purchase.

Centre of Gravity Test

Cellbond’s Centre of Gravity Test Jig is used to calculate centre of gravity for the Freemotion, Ejection Mitigation and Impactor Headforms using cradles designed for each head. The Centre of Gravity Test Jig and Cradles are available for purchase.

Research and Development, Prototyping

All of Cellbond’s Certification equipment can be adjusted to meet individual customer requirements
on request. Cellbond can also design and manufacture test equipment for prototype or research and development work.

Cellbond’s well appointed and highly flexible test facility allows machines to be adapted for new tests or new test equipment to be designed, manufactured and fitted.

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