Advanced 2000 Side Impact Barrier

In 1999, after several years of development, Cellbond introduced a new barrier design for side impact tests according to ECE R95: The Advanced-2000. Various crush forces, progressively changing throughout the barrier, characterise each single block. This is achieved by a special manufacturing process, pioneered by Cellbond in 1994, during which the aluminium honeycomb elements are differentially etched.

EEVC WG13’s evaluation and validation test programme found this barrier type to provide the most repeatable and consistent results. It was therefore incorporated into the revised specification, published in November 2001. Euro NCAP decided to adopt the WG13 recommendation from phase 12 onwards. It has been taken over into the updated European Regulation R95 and equivalent other standards. Calibration tests are run in-house to guarantee the repeatability of barrier construction and performance.