aPLI Legform

The aPLI is the latest and most advanced pedestrian legform impactor. While using many design principles for knee and flexible bones from the Flex-PLI, it is a completely new impactor design. Most noticeable feature compared to its predecessor is the upper mass which represents the loading from the lower torso into the femur. As such the aPLI can assess femur injuries next to knee and tibia injuries. Other updates include pusher blocks for stable launching, realistic impact shape, and rounded knee segments. These and other features reduce test variability and improve biofidelity compared to the Flex-PLI.

The standard aPLI is equipped with 18 channels including knee ligament elongations and bending moments in the femur and tibia bones. Cellbond offers the aPLI with various on-board data acquisition solutions.


Leg LengthFemurWeight of the assembly*Weight of the femur assemblyWeight of the knee assemblyWeight of the tibia assembly
1096mm339mm 24.7kg4.3kg2.8kg2.35kg

*Includes upper mass and leg flesh. 


Upper MassAccelerometer3Pelvis Acceleration X
Pelvis Acceleration Y
Pelvis Acceleration Z
Angular Rate Sensor3Pelvis Angular Velocity X
Pelvis Angular Velocity Y
Pelvis Angular Velocity Z
FemurStrain Gauge3Femur Upper Moment X
Femur Middle Moment X
Femur Lower Moment X
KneeAccelerometer1Knee Acceleration Y
Angular Rate Sensor1Knee Angular Velocity
String Potentiometer3Knee MCL Elongation
Knee PCL Elongation
Knee ACL Elongation
TibiaStrain Gauge4Tibia Upper Moment X
Tibia Middle Upper Moment X
Tibia Middle Lower Moment X
Tibia Lower Moment