Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions – if the information you need is not included please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q: Should I contact your agent/representative or Cellbond’s office?
A: If you are in a country where we have a representative listed, please contact them. They can help you with prices and information on our products as well as local logistical and technical support. They will communicate in your language and are in the same time zone.

Q: Are Cellbond owned and run by a large multinational group?
A: No, we are a privately owned company, established in 1988 and managed by the company founder, Dr Mike Ashmead. We see being independent from large groups as positive, and we’ve always valued flexibility, creativity and innovation.

Q: What side impact barrier is used by EuroNCAP?
A: EuroNCAP have used AE-MDB V3.9 since 2015. Before that, they used EEVC Advanced-2000. From 1997 until 2002, EuroNCAP used Cellbond’s EEVC Multi-2000 V15.

Q: Are all Cellbond barriers blue? I’ve seen a grey barrier, does it mean it’s not from Cellbond?
A: Cellbond offers a variety of paint colours. Barriers that we supply to North America are painted light grey as standard. For other countries worldwide, the standard colour is blue. However, we do have several customers who order barriers in different colours so if you have a specific requirement please let us know.

Q: Where can I find detailed information on your products?
A: We have product information sheets under “datasheets”. You’d need to log in to download them, it’s a very simple and quick registration process. If this doesn’t answer your specific question please just email or call us and we’ll help with more details.

Q: Can I find prices online? Do you have a general price list?
A: Please contact us via the website, by email, or phone and we’ll prepare a quote for you. Prices typically depend on quantities and on delivery and payment terms, and we can offer different discounts for customers. Not all of our products are standard items, some are manufactured to customer request.

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