Cellbond Q10 Upgrade Kit accepted by Euro NCAP Child Safety Working Group, to be confirmed at Euro NCAP Board level.

During the Euro NCAP Child Safety Working Group meeting held on 20th September 2018 in Leuven the group agreed the following updates to the Q10 dummy for implementation in 2020:

  • Limited upgrade kit for shoulders, spine box and sacrum according to Cellbond specification
  • Femur flesh specification according to Cellbond specification
  • Shorter feet on the Q10 according to Cellbond specification

The upgrades relate to shoulder and hip belt stability as well as to better positioning of the dummy.

The kit, which is available to order now from Cellbond, consists of the following parts:

  1. New shoulder liner that covers the shoulder joints
  2. Spine box with modified neck base positioning and increased mass
  3. Scapulas for front and side impact testing
  4. Pelvis replacement parts compensating for the change in mass of the spine box
  5. Upper legs with solid moulded flesh
  6. Lower legs with shorter feet

The new shoulder liner is meant to avoid the belt getting trapped in the shoulder joint when sliding outboard. The effectiveness was shown in various tests reported to the Euro NCAP Child Safety Working Group. The Upper Leg specifications as applied in the Cellbond Q10 dummy, having solid moulded flesh, results in lower risk of the belt getting pulled in the gap between pelvis and thigh. This specification was preferred by the Child Safety Working group over the existing foam filled upper leg flesh. Lower legs with smaller feet allow for better positioning of the dummy in cars with smaller space between rear and front seats.

Over the next few months Cellbond will continue to work with NCAP labs and other key organisations to evaluate certification corridors for dummies with the upgrades installed.

The Q10 updates will be presented by Paul Lemmen at the Protection of Children in Cars 16th International Conference, December 6-7, 2018, Munich, Germany

Aiming at improved correlation between the CAE model and the physical product, Cellbond is collaborating with CAE experts PHITEC Ingegneria S.r.l. in developing Finite Element models of the Q6 and Q10 dummies.   The Q10 FE model will incorporate all features selected by the Euro NCAP Child Safety Working Group.

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