Adventures in Laser Engraving

Over the past two weeks I have been getting to grips with the latest acquisition at Cellbond – a laser engraver. I’ve been taught how to use it and have been engraving part numbers on the knee ligaments. This has improved the look of the ligaments and reduced the volume of scrap produced because of the 100% accuracy rate. The machine is in high demand, not just for engraving parts but for creating name plates for exhibits and displays for our Marketing team.
FreeMotion Headform
A FreeMotion Headform Centre of Gravity Jig is due to be shipped shortly. In readiness for this I was tasked with putting together the text for the user manual and ensuring that the jig itself was finished to standard, ready to be sent to the customer.
I have been assisting with Flex-PLI production and testing, preparing the legforms to be fitted with data acquisition systems (DAS) before they are sent to test houses and proving grounds such as MIRA .
I have also been working on the manual for the Flex-PLI test rig, and completed the design for some padding in the test rig which is currently being manufactured. I was pleased that my design was approved and is going to be utilised in the final set up.
I have been spending every Wednesday on the Engineering shop floor to learn how some of the ATD parts are machined. Since they range from simple to complex parts, it gives me the opportunity to try out different machines and to learn what production considerations need to be taken into account when it comes to designing parts. So far, I’ve spent time with the lathe, milling and CNC operators who have been really helpful in training me in the use of the equipment.
At West Anglian Training I have just started my electrical practical section of the apprenticeship. This means that when we sell more complex test rigs that require assembly on-site I will have enough knowledge and qualifications to be able to go to our customers premises and assemble the rigs. It will give me more contact with the end-users of our products and should be very useful in building good working relationships with them.

I’m finding that my confidence has grown over the past couple of months, and it’s really rewarding to think that some of my suggestions have been taken on board. There is so much to learn still but if you are in the right frame of mind when you start out and want to do your best then you will always make progress. I’ve found that if you ask questions people are glad to help out, they will take time to show you what they do and explain why they are doing it. It helps to have a good team around you, and to know that you are all working towards the same goal.

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